Hacks you can perform during the Pokemon Go Fest

Pokemon Go FestIn celebration of Pokemon Go’s 1 year anniversary they are having a huge festival that will take place all around the globe.  A lot of third party apps are going want to watch out for this.  In order to hack Pokemon Go these apps must be updated on the day of of the festival.  Many users will be online and trying to take advantage of all the special extras and Pokemon they can get.  This will be a fairly controlled even so make sure you look at Niantic’s website to see what you can bring and cannot bring.

How I got a Playstation Plus Subscription for Free Forever

I’ve been a big fan of Sony consoles. I’ve been playing ever since the first Playstation came out. Online play used to be free but now everyone has to get on a PS Plus membership to enjoy online benefits. I needed to find a way to get a free Playstation Plus code subscription that would last me a lifetime. After browsing through a few hacking forums I finally came across one.

Find out how to hack Instagram accounts

Instagram: tools of the trade

In order to hack an Instagram account, you’ve lost you will need a quite a few tools. This can be a problem and can take time especially if you have to code before you can use it.  You’re in luck because we did our homework for you.  We came across a very effective Instagram hacker that works on desktop computers, Android, and iOS mobile devices.

You only have to download one app that has all the features you need built right into it.  It hacks Instagram accounts using various methods including; brute force, backdoors, etc.  If the account had a weak password, then cracking it will take no time at all.  It can run through a huge list of common and not so common passwords in seconds.  Let us dive into the app and look into it further.

I saved my Snapchat account by hacking into it

I like many other people have fallen into the dreaded trap of losing one of my social media accounts. It never got hacked but I logged out of my account and completely forgot the password that I used to sign up.  It’s one of those passwords you put it the first time and never have to remember what it is again until you get a new phone or some device that will run the Snapchat app. Yes, so I got a new iPhone 7 and once I tried signing in my brain just farted… even my email that I signed up with was a year old… I had to switch over to a new email address because of work, I thought I’d never have to use my old email again so being the forgetful person that I am I lost that email too! Why don’t I just write this stuff down!?