How I got a Playstation Plus Subscription for Free Forever

I’ve been a big fan of Sony consoles. I’ve been playing ever since the first Playstation came out. Online play used to be free but now everyone has to get on a PS Plus membership to enjoy online benefits. I needed to find a way to get a free Playstation Plus code subscription that would last me a lifetime. After browsing through a few hacking forums I finally came across one.

Enter the Playstation Plus code generator

ps plus code generator

I downloaded it straight from the forum but they do have their own website now. It used to be for private members only after contributing to the community. They decided it was time to release it to the public because they were sick of the lame games that come with PS+ every month. It didn’t justify the membership costs.  You get special deals at the start of every month which is one of the good things about it.

After downloading and unpacking all the files I got straight into it. Launched it up and I was faced with a straightforward GUI. I selected the area that I was living in. Then the PS Plus membership length that I wanted, which was one year. Even though it’s not really unlocking a “forever membership” you can still come back to it a year later and generate another Playstation Plus code.

Instead of jumping on my PS4 I tried to redeem the code from the app on my iPhone. After a second or two the code worked! I was not really expecting it to work at first, I thought I would have to generate a whole list of codes and go through them all to see which one would work.

I generated another PS Plus code for a friend half way across the world. I waited for him on my PS4 to see if he would come online. He told me before that he would not renew his subscription unless there was some way he could get one for free. He was in school so he was tight on cash. I waited for about five minutes and he came online! We ended up playing Battlefield 1 all day.

The software works and I still use it today for myself and my other friends who want to play multiplayer.

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